i'm taire.

I am a compsci student who's current occupation is strolling though the wide planes of code and digital art (e.g. music, painting, photography, editing and film making).
Some time ago, i started to host a few services myself - you can find a list here. Since you have already found this website, feel free to ask me for an account if you want to use them or simply try them out.

Hosted by me

Services hosted and used by me


decentralized instant messaging, usable with a client of your choice.
Click to try element.io, the client I use. Let me know if you want an account!

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your data, securely stored in your cloud.
Contact me and I will set up an account for you!

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My blog contains assorted photography, random rants and ramblings and lifechanging plans (at least for me, duh)



Nux is a webapp that helps you calculate and order a special amount of chicken nuggets
--currently in development--

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